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Problem addressed: To develop a smart way to exchange contacts while meeting alongside automating the task.

Solution: Developed a Arduino based prototype which aims at "Recreating Phonebook Experience".

Future Vision: Implement the same using bone conduction.



Problem addressed: Promote cleanliness in college canteen in a cool way.

Solution: Installed a smart dustbin in the Canteen Nescafe. One engaging question, two answers, Vote your answer by throwing the trash in the corresponding bin, which increases the digital counter.

Future Vision: Implement the same in other places as well.



Problem addressed: Allow a person to automate his daily online tasks or do things in parallel easily.

Solution: A voice-recognition enabled bot to help people do their daily tasks by just opening a new tab in the browser. Made it as a birthday gift for a friend.

Future Vision: Started with basic AIML, rivescript then had to discard both because of many reasons and implemented my own model.

Demo video above
B. E. E. | Integrated virtual assistant augmenting a Smart mirror, Progeny of A.L.I.C.E.

Problem addressed: Revolutionize the standard bathroom mirror by integrating it with a person assistant.

Solution: A smart mirror seamlessly displaying contextual, pertinent information for the user like social updates, planning travel, managing to-do etc. while user brushes teeth. Has features as face recognition, efficient and dynamic route planning (with priority stop-points), connected to your phone so that you don't miss updates from your phone while in bathroom, and a personal assistant. Bought to life at a hackathon.

Future Vision: Trying to impart health sensing related features into it.


BuzzLogs | Redefining collaboration & organization among teams via SaaS

Problem addressed: Loosing important things in long chats while working on projects.

Solution: A collaborative organiser to manage communications, resources and subtasks for a project. Generates insights to reflect project progress by semantic analysis of conversed content and responses, and incidence analysis of user performance.

Future Vision: Trying to impart health sensing related features into it. ^

VISIO : Interface for the blind

Problem addressed : To develop a way to teach basic use of computer to blind people.

Solution : Developing & testing a UI which allows blind people use basic facilities of computer.

Future Vision : Implement the same for phones and other devices.

DINO: AI in Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Problem addressed : Was really bored one night. Wanted to watch videos on Youtube but no internet connection. so started playing, got an idea and made it

Solution : Used Genetic Algorithms (a linear fitness function) and some screen emulation to get the thing started. The Dino learns to jump and cross the obstacles.

Demo video above
Light-Weight Gesture Recognition Engine

Problem addressed : To developed a novel interface improving people's interactoin with websites

Solution : A simple gesture recognition engine with innumerous application. Two of its prototypes are ready. One of which is completed successfully while the other is being optimized to work in varying lighting conditions.


DETERRIFY : A small anti-terrorism device

Problem addressed : To develop a smart anti-terrorism device.

Solution : An affordable Network jammer with innumerous applications as on Petrol/Gas Stations(to prevent accidents), disable remotely detonated bombs(as in case of terrorist attack) working with GSM800/900. Built it at age of 17 with the help of a TV electrician for hardware implementation.


Problem addressed : Various issues as detecting postures in images,translation and rotation.

Solution : A Content Based Image Retrieval Engine based in Matlab with other applications as Detecting copies of Logos etc. Currently working on its implementation using an Apache Server.

Student Feedback System/Portal

An online portal for the students of Indian School of Mines to provide feedback to their corresponding faculty, based in PHP and MySQL.

ISM Result Scrapper
Language: Python

Problem addressed : Let students watch results of all batchmates in single click.

A scapper written in python which enables students of Indian School of Mines download semester-results of all students between a desired range of Admission Numbers.So, No need to Hit "Back" everytime guys to see your friend's result. The beauty of the process (as a programmer's point of view) is that the HTML page is not being parsed at all, neither XPATH or CSSPATH is used, so it is tons of times faster than general scappers!


Other Experiments :

The following are results of my "wandering mind" which remains unsatisfied till it is actually able to visualise the power of concept via real-life application :

Viruses and Trojans
Language : C and Perl

Simple Viruses and Trojans written in C language, capable enough to keep the victim's system messed up for days. Also all in one patch to prevent them. Another big-boy-toy built on the baseline of Mellisa rolling out soon.

Script for Denial Of Service
Language: Python

A few lines capable enough to exploit a certain vulnerability of certain types of web-pages with forms without a captcha or any other ANTI-DOS mechanism. DDOS extension in progress, motivated from none other than Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

Developers' Aid for JS
Language : Script/JSON

Problem addressed : Automate the process of opening a browser each time a JS developer wishes to verify his code.

Solution : For developers irritated with going back everytime to browser to check their scipt for logs, this is a simple console for Sublime Text users to build their JS code there itself in the enviroment.


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