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My prime focus is on designing usable interfaces. I strategize following the Value Sensitive Design approach, implementing via User Context Research, Usability Testing, Wireframing and some other techniques.

User Interface Design

Please refer the following for user interface design samples: (Design & Branding)
..and many more. To be updated soon. (Pl refer linkedIn for updated list)

Branding & Media(TEDx ISMDHANBAD)


  • Posters for Digital Campaigning
  • Flex Prints for Sponsors and Event Navigation
  • Other Online Media

Concetto 2013


  • Website with User-interface based on Camera Gestures

3D Perspective and Other Experiments

Sample Image (Event Notification)

Sleek Personalized Facebook


  • Round Pictures
  • Black-Grey Interface
  • Added Shadows

Presence on the web

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